Revitalizing an Image and Re-developing a Branding Strategy

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Revitalizing an Image and Re-developing a Branding Strategy for an Environmental Services Company


A well-established, full-service environmental contracting firm specializing in emergency response for both hazardous and non-hazardous material decided to revitalize its image by attempting to reposition the company values and services.  With the vision of a passionate CEO, the firm diligently endeavored to create a long-standing, clearly aligned brand that would emblazon its image in the mind of any client in crises.




This uniquely diversified environmental waste company had been quite successful on a regional level, yet they had not properly packaged their services, benefits, and image in a manner that would differentiate them from their more nationally recognizable and equally reliable competition.  KDR was sought after to assist in the crafting of marketing content that would meet, supersede, and cultivate industry standards and thereby propel their current market position.




As we begin to examine not only the client, but also the industry and leading competitors, this strategic approach allowed us to understand that this firm had a strong product and even greater services than its competition.  Furthermore, their reputation preceded them in more regions than they had recognized, yet the one area that would provide this company a competitive advantage rested in the area of content re-creation and a branding strategy that would force the clients to take notice.


The evaluation provided us with the insight necessary to understand the key needs of a consumer in an environmental emergency of any kind.  It was clearly recognizable that within this industries client base, the importance of verbiage and literary significance held a much greater weight than merely a brand visual or logo.  KDR immediately began re-crafting and structuring an image that would remain timeless for years to come.


Results and Rewards


This research analysis produced an extensive service menu and company mission that immediately resonated with clients that previously did not recognize the firm’s value or specialized services.  With an array of government certifications and industry associations that had not previously been highlighted or verbalized, a 26% market increase was experienced for this company within a four to six month time frame.