Change That Works

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Change That Works

One of the most successful retail companies in American history was a “five-and-dime” chain called F. W. Woolworth Company (generally referred to as Woolworth).  The company’s namesake opened the first store in 1878, yet what originally looked like a success soon became a failure.  Continuing to follow his dreams and passion, he decided to make a change in store’s current location, product focus, and customer service.  These changes ultimately made Woolworth one of the largest retail chains of the 20th century.

Interestingly enough, the ability to change that made him successful soon transformed into the inability to adapt and adjust to change, that drove this once thriving company out of business in the United States by 1983.  At the arrival of the 21st century, Woolworth was no longer a retail chain.  As a result of ineffective change, it had transitioned into the now popular fitness shoe chain Foot Locker, been bought out by Wal-Mart, or totally gone out of business.

As we celebrate our seven year anniversary and introduce a new and improved website to the world, the ability to adapt, adjust, and grow in business has helped our firm to foster change that works.  Woolworth became a success because of the proper perspective in times of great achievement and success, but they failed when the competitive landscape began to transition and their mindset of successful change was abandoned.

We, here at KDR Consulting, are ecstatic about presenting this gift in the form of our website, to each of you as a mechanism and vehicle of support for change that will work for your business or ministry.   The ability to receive proper consultation, insight, and perspective from a proven team of experts that value your destiny, as we do, will contribute to your total business success.

Ask your self, as you read this blog and peruse our site, “How effective is the business/ministry that we operate?”  When considering this question, we encourage you to clearly define a few specific areas of business concern:

  1. Does our organization’s brand clearly and properly market its message to the client each and every time?
  2. Does our current financial state assist in solidifying performance and growth for this organization’s future?
  3. Have we consistently delivered service to our clients that build lasting relationships, resolves problems, and uncovers opportunities?

These questions are paramount to the evaluation of your business and/or ministry to thereby gauge the success you are experiencing, to obtain the success you are missing, or regain the success you are currently losing.  Recognize that change is necessary in all aspects of business, yet you must clearly determine which side of the “Woolworth era” you choose to stand on.  Will you operate ahead of the change curve for your betterment or will you stand behind the change curve for your demise?

We believe in embracing change that works and we are here to help you easily do the same.  Consider these areas of concern today and let us help you develop “Higher Thinking…Bigger Results.”

Our business is your business…all we need is you!





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