Case Studies

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Revitalizing an Image and Re-developing a Branding Strategy

Revitalizing an Image and Re-developing a Branding Strategy for an Environmental Services Company

A well-established, full-service environmental contracting firm specializing in emergency response for both hazardous and non-hazardous material decided to revitalize its image by attempting to reposition the company values and services.  With the vision of a passionate CEO, the firm diligently endeavored to create a long-standing, clearly aligned brand that would emblazon its image in the mind of any client in crises.

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Strategic Financial Assessment


Strategic Financial Assessment Places Growing Ministry On the Path to Long-Term Stability and Future Acquisition

A small, well-tenured ministry with a recent explosion of multi-generational membership growth had been considering erecting a new church facility to accommodate the people and projected expansion.  With the passionate leadership of a first time pastor and a predominantly seasoned board of trustees, KDR was called in to provide some insight and assess the current financial stability of the ministry.  This research would equip them with the potential steps needed to progress into a new building development process.

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National Mortgage Wholesaler


A national wholesale mortgage company, with operations in over 15 states, was challenged with staggering growth in a short timeframe in more than 55% of its key markets.  With the realization that business had become extremely successful, the level of service delivered daily was internally inconsistent and, more importantly, it was externally poor to their large client base.  One of the major concerns that arose was the need to develop a unified Client Relationship Management structure and training process that would produce an immediate and effective positive impact on each client.

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